Travel & Deposits:

You may always **FLY Me to you or with you. I love to travel ** EMAIL ME (minimum 3-4 hours engagement plus flights and hotel. Reserve availability with a 50% deposit.)

Extended Time:

Our connection is what I value most. Extended dates are meant for conversing, laughing, dining, exploring, traveling, seeing a show, attending an event, shopping, visiting a spa and other such things. And, of course creating and deepening our connection.


Please remember that you are visiting a lady, someone new you want to impress. Please be freshly showered and preferably clean shaved. I welcome your finesse, tact, discretion, and sensitivity. Chivalry goes a long way with me. I always recognize small kind gestures and show my appreciation in many ways. I TRULY look forward to meeting you.


I am not a smoker and I truly appreciate the courtesy of a Fresh Breath.