In order to make our experience mutually satisfying Thank you for familiarizing yourself with the following information:


In Private

Upon arrival, I will feel completely relaxed and in the moment if you’d please leave your gift on the counter, where I may easily see it

In Public

Please place the donation in a gift bag, book, card or any other discreet way- it’s never sexy to have to ask. Payment in person (not deposits) are cash only. I do accept deposits, if we have made prior arrangements, through cash app, Venmo, or Apple Pay.

Extend Our Time

If I am available to extend our time together, I will be flattered that you got lost in the moment. Please ask politely and thank you for graciously making the proper financial accommodations.


I take our time together seriously. I like to plan ahead. I plan my whole day around our time together. I appreciate a gentleman who schedules and respects my time. If a cancellation is necessary, Thank you in advance for letting me know ahead of time and for leaving a thoughtful donation if you’d like to schedule in the future with me. Deposits are non refundable.


Hygiene is of utmost importance. Please remember you are visiting a lady, someone new you want to impress. Please be freshly showered and preferably clean shaved. Chivalry goes a long way with me. You are welcome to use my incall to shower and freshen up.


I am not a smoker and I truly appreciate the courtesy of a fresh breath.


I will always be tastefully dressed, impeccable and discreet. If you have any requests (examples: outfit requests, music preferences, no perfume, etc) Please send them via email prior to our date. I will do my best to grant your requests within reason. If you have a specific outfit in mind that I do not own, you are welcome to purchase it for me and I will happily wear it for our date.

Personal Time

I would love to join you for lunch, dinner or a cocktail engagement. Please be mindful of my limited availability and email me to set up an appointment so we may create an unforgettable time.


Please respect that I see our time together as special and not to be exploited for the world to read. I do accept tasteful and noninvasive reviews.