May I introduce myself?

“Tantra is a pathway, not just to sexual ecstasy but a daily practice to personal healing and fulfillment”
-Andrew Barnes

Do you hunger for earthy touch? Are you longing for sweet sensual sunshine in body and soul? Can you imagine absolute pleasure flowing through you like water, cleansing out the stress and worry, healing the disconnection of body mind or spirit? If so, come and let me be the mature companion your heart is desiring. Escaping away with you is an erotic pleasure for me. Full of real magic, confidence, love of life, beauty and thrilling eroticism, I will pleasure your senses in a way you have only hoped to experience. I love to be curious and explore. I also have a wild heart and a spirit of adventure. I am sensual and sunshiny yet very down to earth and relaxing. Perfectly tuned to create a comfortable, deeply pleasurable and absolutely unforgettable experience. My passion and energy will impress you, my heart and words will nurture you, my soft touch will melt away your worries, my body will captivate you and my eyes will keep you present in every delicious moment we share together. Bringing love, connected healing and earthy pleasure to others brings me beautiful joy and bliss. I am the whole package, beauty in body, heart and soul. Treat yourself to something special. I assure you it will be an experience of a lifetime.

“I don’t believe in magic,” the young man said… The old man smiled, “You will when you meet her.”